9 Ways to Take a Cat on a Plane

9 Ways to Take a Cat on a Plane

9 Ways to Take a Cat on a Plane – For cat lovers, leaving your pet cat at home can make you feel anxious. For this reason, many cat lovers want to bring their beloved anabal traveling together.

Even so, there are a few things to note. Because not all airlines give permission to passengers who want to bring their pets to fly, including cats.

If you do not know how to take your cat traveling together on the plane, see the explanation of how to take a cat on the plane below. According to Solahart Handal Pets.

Check Airline Information

The first way to take a cat on a plane is to first check the information about animals on each airline. Because every airline certainly has its own rules.

Not everyone allows their passengers to bring pets. There are several airlines that prohibit but not a few of them also give the green light with certain requirements.

For that, it’s good if you start from now to do the check. By applying how to take a cat on this plane, you will know the airline that allows you to bring your pet.

If you already know the airline that allows, you can choose the airline. In fact, you can also make the airline a top choice if you want to fly with your pet.

Choose cargo or luggage

The next way to take a cat on a plane is to choose between cargo or luggage. You must determine whether your pet will be placed in the cabin or cargo baggage.

Cats themselves are allowed to be placed in both. This is different from other types of pets. Some animals are only allowed to be placed in cargo.

Safety reasons and the possibility of interfering with the comfort of other passengers are the main factors. The choice will fall on you whether to choose a cargo service that is much cheaper than luggage.

However, the procedure requires you to store it to the cargo at least eight hours before departure. On the other hand, luggage provides an advantage where you can keep an eye on your pet easily.

Complete The Letters

Just like the master, the pet to be brought must also be equipped with the necessary papers. You must complete the letter long before the scheduled departure.

The preparation in advance will make it easier for you if there is a letter that you need to prepare suddenly. That way, you can prepare other equipment to fly much more comfortable.

Some letters that need to be prepared from how to take a cat on a plane include:

  • Certificate from the veterinarian. The animals brought were declared good and had no infectious diseases.
  • Transport permit from local quarantine office.
  • Letter of exemption from liability (upon receipt at the airport).

Provide Additional Costs

When checking the information whether or not cats are allowed to be taken on board, you will also know the additional fees that must be paid. The cost of transporting these pets also varies.

Each airline sets a different price. For that, prepare funds in accordance with the budget you allocate and also based on whether you put it in luggage or cargo.

There is something to remember from how to take a cat on this plane. When carrying it in baggage, the fee you pay does not include passenger baggage service and will be charged a special fee.

Use the right Cage

In addition to checking information about permits and also the cost of bringing pets, another way to take a cat on a plane is to check in advance the right cage to use for the cat.

Because most airlines only accept hard-sided cages. However, some other airlines still accept soft-sided enclosures with certain permitted brands.

You also need to coat the cage with a potty pad so that urine and animal waste can be absorbed. Don’t forget to train your cat in and out of the cage to help the cat feel comfortable with the temporary cage.

Check Before Departure

As mentioned earlier, you must bring proof of health certificate for your pet. To get it, you need to go to the nearest veterinarian as one way.

The letter contains a statement that your pet is in good health and is also free from parasites. This is what makes your pet allowed to be on the plane.

Some vaccines will also be given to your pet. At some point, the vet will disallow microchip implants as an identity and make it easier to search if your cat is lost.

Don’t Feed During the Trip

During a long trip, there are things you need to pay attention to. One of them is food related. Not only the master, there are things to consider for food for your pet while on the plane.

Instead of giving food, the way to take a cat on a plane is not to feed the cat during the trip. An empty stomach actually reduces your cat’s risk of nausea and vomiting on the plane.

However, it does not hurt to bring some light food just in case the cat is starving. In addition, do not forget to bring medicines to anticipate unwanted things.

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Give Sedatives from a Veterinarian’s prescription

Another way to take a cat on a plane is to give sedactive medication. Sedative drugs themselves are useful to make the cat calm and make your trip by plane much calmer again.

However, to get it, you need a prescription from a doctor. Because, although you can buy commercially, consulting a doctor will ensure the safety of the sedative drug to be selected.

Not only that, check with your own doctor to make sure that the sedative is healthy enough for your cat. That way, the health of your favorite pet is also good enough to be sedated.

Take advantage of Fernomon

The last way to take a cat on a plane is to take advantage of fernomon or swaddling. Both are realistic choices if you are afraid of the negative impact of using sedatives on your favorite cat.

You can use pheromones for pet cats by placing a tissue in the cat cage. In addition, you can also try another way by spraying pheromones to reduce cat anxiety.

If your pet cat is still small, you can use swaddling. Even so, the bedung can also be used for adult cats although it takes more effort because of its large size.

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Well, that’s 9 ways to take a cat on a plane. Hope this article helps! (Geby Angela/Ivan Runa)